We are happy to greet you at «StarsQuality» breeding center!

«StarsQuality» is a specialty breeding center that specializes in breeding of grand and noble Maine Coon cats.

Our center was founded in 2008; it is registered with the International Federation of World Cat Federation (WCF) and it is the largest association of Cat Breeders with The International Cat Association (TICA).

The main tasks of our center are to obtain a healthy and consistent breed of kittens and to find the best owners for them.

Our graduates are now residents of many known breeding grounds, they participate in breeding projects, as well as enjoy their successful exhibition careers - as world champions, numerous BIS nominees and repeat winners of prestigious exhibitions.

At the «StarsQuality», you can always get useful advice on the care and feeding of your cats and making their exhibition career from the owner of the breeding center, expert felinologist Elena Philippova.